By Anochi Imperium

This is the first time I’m actually writing about today’s society and our current situation. There are numerous catalyst driving what has become a complicated Quagmire of information ,opinions ,and mixed ideals commingled and crossed into sensationalism that currently has residual negative effects .At the top of this is list is huge inconsistency in the  quality of training for law enforcement training should include anticipation of high adrenaline rush and how to use self-discipline a mental check list to neutralize/minimize personal bias instead of fear to regulate actions and reactions in the field especially in unknown situations preparation and training  is key.

Second since when does a nation who has flourished from its diversity and differences become a one size fits all. Black lives matter yes but there are good people with pure intent and families involved on both sides of these matters. Our strength as a nation is in seeking our people of pure intent and building bridges, creating relationships to change how things are currently being handled. Creation of a prevention oversight board with strong ties and recruitment of officers out that local community that’s supported and encouraged by the residents I suspect this will work because if joey grew up there and knows the residents the fear and impulsive reactions will be minimized and this works with creating solutions to innocents and families being hurt on either side.

Opposing views can find middle ground to create a truce mature informed meeting of minds. Calling all involved to the table Law enforcement, black lives matter and any others who have differences we are citizens and should call a peace summit inclusive of the lawmaker’s city state and federal along with professionals with facts and figures. I’m confident we can create a workable solutions as men and women of  this great nation of ours .I believe it’s time to take the recent tragic events buckle down and create solutions that are detailed ,become actionable, and definitive and detailed in nature how to address and handle situations like japan. If the white end of their stick in pointed at you stop. If the red you stop lay down with your hands on your head no gun no death. This is known nationwide. If this not complied to then other actions are justified. While on the opposite end of the spectrum upon traffic stops and other like situations loud speakers can clarify why you’ve been stopped and to hold license and hands out window before approach. I’ll leave that up to the creative minds who are more versed and gifted than I my point is this can be solved, laws changed to protect innocent citizens who feel victimized and oppressed. We need a vetted, tested and tried consistent workable process that also regularly reviews numbers and stats in areas to ensure personal bias isn’t playing a role in stops and all of our citizens are being treated fairly.

Any given year that 90% of crime in white collar crime in America cheating on taxes, hiding income and the majority of these criminals are Caucasian but 90% of the crimes published for Americas viewing are minority crimes which are actually less than 10% of actual crime in America. Feeding the frenzy and underlying fear of black males has taken an irresponsible media feeding an infinity cycle self-perpetuating and increasing the fear which has now become a cycle of death, fear and lunacy. We the people have been focused on police vs. black lives. We clearly have a constitution the bedrock of this idealistic nation which was founded to escape tyranny oppression. During these tough times we should look to the declaration of independence and our God given rights of the Constitution if fault is found and our rights have violated then us the people as Americans should publicly follow due process and demand what is rightfully ours as Americans. Cowardly acts of senseless violence on either end will only lead to elevated response which will ultimately lead to more needless violence and senseless death. Unfortunately I consider certain media more entertainment rather than traditional news craft wielding there personal opinions unyielding to facts figures and information that could be traced and founded on confirmed data. Unfortunately many subscribers assume the information has been confirmed and check whereas in many cases that are far from the truth found this article I am just talking in general and discussing in general without naming any particular agencies. My goal is to simply awaken your attention to detail and if at all possible embark on your own due diligence. Have a wonderful day.


Editor and chief

Anochi Imperium Crown


Our parents deserve the best!!!!


 Painting by: 1936 by Frida Kahlo

Our parents deserve our honor and respect for giving us life itself. Beyond this they almost always made countless sacrifices as they cared for and nurtured us through our infancy and childhood, provided us with the necessities of life, and nursed us through physical illnesses and the emotional stresses of growing up.

Ezra Taft Benson